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Thread: Meet up 2018

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    Needs a decision maker for this

    So who is coming?

    Claw I remember you saying you would come this year

    Alto balls permitting, I am guessing it's a yes?

    Laz had better be a yes

    Gaz no excuses this year

    Someone tell Sadlad

    Alf..... Maybe?

    Beddlington...... No more excuses I hope

    Almost all others welcome, except for that toss pot Arundel, Basie, Akwesasne, or however you spell your name

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    Ghost hope you can make it this year

    Nut, it would be great to see you again

    Lion 1 is about time I met you too

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    West Yorkshire
    Phew thats a relief, for a worrying moment then I thought the old Ram git was going to invite me as well. lol
    If you lot do goto Blacky make sure you take all your jabs beforehand, and don't harass those poor beach donkeys who are only trying to earn a living.

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    We don't want a Barnsley chop coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtimeram View Post
    How about 27th & 28th July?

    If all in favour say aye
    Im in the West Coast of Ireland that weekend Rammy

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    Seeing as you are the one that's always away maybe it's best if you suggest a weekend to fit in with your window of availability?

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    Fri Sat 8&9 June
    Fri Sat 10&11 Aug
    Fri Sat 31 Aug & 1 Sept
    Fri Sat 21&22 Sept

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    OK with any of those but I think June may be a bit soon

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    So 10th to 11th Aug

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    Any more takers

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    Thought I'd bump this one up

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