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Thread: Ray Wilson R.I.P

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    Ray Wilson R.I.P

    Now there was a proper full back. Great player.

    RIP Ray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonnieWaldock View Post
    Now there was a proper full back. Great player.

    RIP Ray.
    He certainly was a class player Ronaldo,83 yrs old.RIP RAY.J Lloyd Samuel ex Villa,Bolton died on Tuesday as well after a traffic accident only 37,devastatin losses for both families.I send sincere sympathy to both families.UTCB

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    Went to Huddesfield a few years ago to watch the Blades.Took a football to get Ray Wilson to sign it as getting the 66 squad minus the great Bobby Moore.Asked someone near reception if Ray attended matches and was told yes when he could but then thought trying to visualize how Ray would look compared with the 66 team pictures anyway lad talking to said Ray coming towards guest entrance .I approached him and he signed the ball and had 5 mins talking to him.A real gent and another of our 66 stars sadly departed

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    Thank you Raymond RIP

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    Another World Champion gone.....we are all running out of time.
    RIP Ray

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