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Thread: The Rangers

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    The Rangers

    So sad, and a horrendous, if typical, response from Sevco.

    A former youth footballer who says he was sexually abused by a Rangers coach has been told by the club he should pursue his complaint with liquidators.
    The man claims he was abused within the Ibrox stadium by Gordon Neely who was head of youth development in the 1980s.
    But the alleged victim has been told by lawyers for Rangers that the duty of care is not with the current owners.
    They said that when the abuse took place Rangers were owned by a different company which was now in liquidation.
    The man, who is in his 40s, was offered help in accessing counselling services, but no apology was made in correspondence from the club's lawyers.
    Alleged abuser now dead
    An email sent to the solicitors of David - not his real name - explained: "You will understand that there have been many changes affecting Rangers over the last several years.
    "The company which owned Rangers Football Club.... which you refer to as owing duties of care to your client will have been the company then called The Rangers Football Club PLC and now called RFC 2012 Limited.
    "That company is currently in liquidation but we do have the liquidators' contact details and can provide that information if it will assist."

    Have they no shame?

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    Just seen previous thread, apologies for duplication.

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