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Thread: Suspend all realism

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    Suspend all realism

    That's what we need to do from now until the final is over on Saturday afternoon. Suspend all realism and let our hearts rule our heads. I'm not just talking about the support either, I mean the players and manager too.

    The realistic viewpoint is this. Celtic are significantly better than us and are going for back to back double trebles having lost just four domestic matches in two years. If they turn up on Saturday, they will win and that is an undeniable fact.

    However, we can't allow that to be at the forefront of our minds and I don't believe that Stephen Robinson will allow it to be. We've got to focus on ourselves and let Celtic worry about Celtic. We have a group of players who are a tight-nit unit who know how to play as a team and have proved this season that they are capable of grinding our results against better sides. We have drawn twice with this Celtic side and would have beaten them but for a refereeing blunder back in November and have chalked up big wins over Aberdeen in both Cups, beaten Hearts and beaten a Rangers side in a Cup for the first time in over 50 years and beaten them at Hampden for the first time ever.

    So we need to draw courage from all of that. We are up against it here, it's a tall order, but I'd give this Motherwell team more chance of beating this Celtic team than I gave the 2011 Motherwell team beating the 2011 Celtic team. And back then I'd argue that our team was stronger than it is now whereas Celtics was weaker than their current team.

    We just need to go out, BELIEVE in ourselves and hope that on the day we will be able to take advantage of any luck that comes our way and that we can exploit any weaknesses they may have.

    I love the '91 heroes, but it is well past time for them to stand aside for a new team of Cup winning heroes.

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    I've convinced myself we can do it. Whether we will or not is a different matter (and is even outside our control) but I've no doubt we'll do our bit.

    The sneaking feeling is in stark contrast to 2011 and 2017 but I was certain we'd win in 2005 and look what that brought...

    We do need to be braver though and go for it early.

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    Sounds obvious but the first goal in this game will be so important. If we can get the first goal this team we have will bite and scratch to hold on. I think Celtic tend to struggle a little when teams sit in tight and make it difficult for them, as Killie did at parkhead a couple of weeks ago. If we score first i think we will go on and win the cup.......Mon the welllll

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    The fact it's obvious doesn't make it less true.

    What I would hope Robbo is emphasising however is that we have to go looking for the first goal. We can't be as passive offensively as the last two finals.

    While Killie largely kept Celtic under control a couple of weeks ago, it's worth pointing out that was a Celtic semi-reserve side who didn't give a toss, they were still lucky on a couple of occasions and they did not for a single minute look like winning themselves - something we have to do. If we play like that we will lose - maybe only 1-0, but we will lose.

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    Let’s be honest nobody other than the players,management, club employees and “WELL” fans believe Motherwell will win the cup,probably the same was thought/said about Wigan Athletic in the FA cup final not so long ago. We have time and time again this season showed the importance of getting the first goal. Twenty two times we have scored first this season and lost only once Accies at home. If we give our all and lose I will not be bitterly disappointed but however if we stand off them and fail to compete and end up getting a drubbing I will not be responsible for my actions. We have to be prepared to give our all for however long it takes 90 or 120 minutes or penalties

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    I really can't believe you're all so nervous. We're winning it (and relatively easily judging by the past few dreams I've had). 2 sleeps left - more dreams ahead ! Just away to check the Open Top Bus route for Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sieb1886 View Post
    I really can't believe you're all so nervous. We're winning it (and relatively easily judging by the past few dreams I've had). 2 sleeps left - more dreams ahead ! Just away to check the Open Top Bus route for Sunday.
    Your just oozing confidence Sieb...

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    Here we go...

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    To everyone going, enjoy your day and stay safe. Don't allow those horrible mutants to rule you up. Hopefully we bring that cup back home.

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