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Thread: Dream interpretation required please....

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    Dream interpretation required please....

    Had two odd ones lately.

    The first one involved me playing in a quite high level semi-pro football team. We had a top of the table clash against some local rivals and for some reason they played on a have sized pitch sited within a massive portacabin. It obviously doubled up as the clubhouse as well because there was a bar on the centre circle and tables and chairs all over the place which you had to run in between. Anyways, right on the stroke of have time, I smacked a thirty yard thunderbolt against their bar as the ref blew the whistle. As we walked off, their keeper started ranting about killing me if I did it again and then shoved a custard tart in my face. I woke up then so I divvent know what would have happened, but I expect I would of scored the winner and got knifed or summat.

    The second one were last neet and was basically me getting a new job in the plods as a detective. And it also involved moving to Burnley, which for some reason had turned into a sort of high tech utopia. I had a lovely office but started getting bored with all the dull paperwork so one of the high ranking plods said I could go out with him on helicopter surveillance. When we got to helicopter one of my builder mates and brother were there and they announced that were taking the helicopter which they duly did. They then started doing all fancy tricks and loop the loops and stuff and swooping down and just missing us. The last thing I remember is getting proper narked and throwing geet tree branches at them. They proved an bit unwieldy and hard to throw, so I found an nest of baby hedgehogs and started scopping them at them instead.

    I expect Frank to tell me it means I'm going to die and some other bellend to say it suggest I'm a latent botter, but any other interpretation would be welcome.

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    You b­astard. Hedgehogs are geet endangered. Hang your hands ect.

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    Wisbech Town have been promoted to the Northern league east division. I can expect the illuminati of Belper and Stocksbridge Park Steels next season. I played there once at the old Fenland Park as a teen. Les Ferdinand writ a book, and of all the grounds he played at, and all the big crowds he had played in front of, he said that Wisbech had the most vociferous and partisan crowd of the lot.

    Why do i mention this, its because of the richness of the football near here. There is United, Kings Lynn, St Ives, Royston, and Cambridge City of the southern league, Mildenhall and Soham of the Isthmian league, now Wisbech.
    Al you have is Barwell. For gods sake.

    By the way, the keeper didnt shove a custard tart in your face, it was something else. You have these dreams because your barmy, we all know that. Dial 999 and ask for all of the emergency services and a helicopter.

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    You shouldn't throw baby hedgehogs as you could have somebody's eye out with one of them,very irresponsible of you floppy

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    Behalf Frank, we have Anstey Nomads and Oadby Town as well.

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