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Thread: Madrid or the Scousers?

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    Madrid or the Scousers?

    Come on Madrid

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    Come on the "pool", I would always support an English team before one from another country. Also I would love to see that smug grin wiped off Ronaldo's face as it was him that scored against the Lions in the 2004 cup Final when he was with Manure.

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    Up here I get the Scousers' within the family stuffing Liverpool down my throat all the time..... As to how great thou art...... That's why I was glad to see Madrid win

    They take the piss out of the Rams all the time so I have no great love for Liverpool

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    Liverpool have had crap goalkeepers for the past few years

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    Worst goalkeeping I have seen for a long time! They need to spend big this summer and buy a decent goalie. They were doing well until Salah went off injured, overall though Madrid deserved the win.

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