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Thread: Jack Hamilton signs for the Dees

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    Jack Hamilton signs for the Dees

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    Quote Originally Posted by billymorgan View Post
    Good signing i hope
    He wont be here to warm the bench
    Parrish has done ok but nothing spectacular

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    Signed for an undisclosed fee as well.

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    To be convinced.

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    Sounds as though he was convinced by a positive NM. Maybe the 3 year deal was the key.

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    Im convinced if only because I trust the managers judgement.

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    Think that NM comes across as knowledgeable and ambitious. If you are a player who wants to get somewhere in your career then they will be important things that you are looking for. Every good signing that he makes will be building his reputation, Hendry, Allen, Caulker Kamara are good examples that he can give of players who are building or are trying to rebuild their careers at Dens. Being able to point to good players who have joined him at Dens must be a very positive message when trying to sign new players. I am not blind to the learning process, Allen and Bain were players who might have been handled differently with a more positive outcome for us, however, if Murray had managed to convert even 50% of the opportunities he had to score even that part of the Jan window dealing might have seemed like a master stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCram View Post
    Sounds as though he was convinced by a positive NM. Maybe the 3 year deal was the key.
    A goalkeeper for me wasn’t a priority.

    Didn't hear the Jambos screaming to get him back in the team or when we signed him.

    Lets hope it works out all round.

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