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Thread: Where well finish next season....

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    Where well finish next season....

    I got this wrong last season I said 6th and probably one of a few who had the faith wed finish in the play offs.

    Next season well defy the bookies odds and finish 7th bottom.

    Your turn....

    Oh and crabapple do one and dont comment youve been so negative and bad for too many your embarrassment...

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    Bit early for this post isnt it Brin?

    I cant even guess until window shuts

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    Agree too early, but as i wild guess I'm going for an optimistic 15th.

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    In the Championship

    I was 16 positions off this year so I need to wait a while to improve my acuracy this time around.

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    12th for me. Every season at NYS we have been involved in relegation fight or promotion. It's time to give our tickers a break

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    I thought that we'd just sneek into the play-offsand fail to win promotion but I'm not too sure that we can do it again next season.

    Mind you we have a habbit of winning two promotions in a row.

    I'll see what the recruitments like before I answer the question.

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    Silly and co. It may seem early I’m just throwing it out there to get it out of the way.

    Recruitment means nothing because you would have to know all the other teams players to see what we’re up against so I’ve just gone for what I feel is realistic to myself. Cannot see us making mid table but you never know.

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    As we're all Silly co's then I'll go for having a great season and finishing 14th

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    I meant the word company.

    Anyway you’ve had a go now we’ll done.

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    If the past is any guide to the future, then history shows we'll be ok for a season or two (lower mid table) before spectacularly crashing out of the division (happened last time, and previously under Ronnie).

    Whenever theres fight in a millers side I fancy us to do well. I've said it before, we need to make sure those ****ty, soft, southern clubs like reading, qpr, etc get it shoved right up em when they visit us. Give them the old corporal jones!

    It's when that spirit disappears we're in trouble.

    So...... ill go 6th bottom 🤔 (touch wood)

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    So...... ill go 6th bottom �� (touch wood)

    Hang on I know his goals got us up but there is a limit ……………….

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    Not relegated

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    Had a little 10 bet on last year that wed get promoted and thought id get a windfall of 250 only to be told by betfred that my bet was for automatic 🤨 predict 19th position in championship this year

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    Top 3 ...*hic*

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    I think we will be one of the surprise teams because:-

    a) we have something to prove
    b) its basically a young squad, but has a management team and players who have already experienced the Championship so are better prepared than last time
    c) We wont take much from the bigger wealthier clubs, but there's quite a few teams in there who are average so we should take points from them
    d) This management teams recruitment has been good, so there's reason for optimism on that front
    e) Championship Chairmen are trigger happy and there will be sackings, which don't always work. If we can keep Warney and co. we are maintaining stability within the club
    f) We are much fitter and hungrier than last time

    There are a couple of caveats to the above.
    1. If we have a good start, the bigger clubs will start looking at our players in the January window (previous example being Barnsley)
    2. we cannot afford the defensive mistakes from last season

    Considering all the above I'll go for 12th (I said top 10 last time.

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    Too early for Prem.

    Depends who we fetch in but atm Ill say around the 8th mark, come on lads you can do it

    We will take 6 points from each Sheffield clubs

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    I would prefer to wait until after the transfer window closes but seeing as other people are posting their predictions I'll go for an optimistic 14th.

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    I'll see how your recruitment goes before I form an opinion .

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