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Thread: Serious health problems.

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    Serious health problems.

    I have just got back from Addenbrookes. I started having seizures yesterday, followed by lapsing in and out of a coma, and projectile vomiting. This is worse than ordinary vomiting, it didnt just flop out, i hit a wall six feet away.

    In the ambulance my heart stopped. My eyes were protruding to an abnormal degree, and my pupils were huge. I started screaming insanely, and i bit the paramedic who sedated me. When i got to hospital i had all the tests, and more tests, they couldnt find anything wrong. The doctor looked up the compendium of rare syndromes and asked me one question, D52 or Plastikman?. Both i said. Your lucky to be alive the doc said and sent me home.

    So there you have it, attempted murder by Rab. Nice try. Not good enough. Rab listens to this musical diarhoea. I am tempted to start a charity. Rab, i could write something similar in less than five minutes, why are you wasting your time on this s hit?

    Oh, and Chalky, no go i am afraid with Connie. As for Kel, go on then show me your a man. Ban me.

    Rab, start with something easy like the Thompson twins, and work up.

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    You had me worried Frank .
    glad you are ok though . Anyway Rab wouldn't do such things.

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    What did the doc say about your abnormally excessive sweating and your geet purple heed?

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    I hope that paramedic had had his rabies shots. Anyway kel, don't ban him, he's the only Plate fan on here.

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    Banning the sweaty tw­at would make him think he's somehow of any relevance. I prefer watching him make a fool off of himsen whilst heavily dripping with bodily fluids and trying to get a rise out off of people with more intelligence in their little toe.

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    I like Frank,he's like the movie that you know scares you but you watch the rerun anyway,he should be made joint mod along with kel in case kel gets bored and can't be bothered anymore,like Gruff says he is the only Utd fan on here and the board would have died ages ago without his ramblings.....erm...posts on here
    I loved the Thompson Twins Hold Me Now,it's a very underrated sad song that doesn't get the recognition that it deserves in the love song world,the album version is especially good...

    What the chuff is D52 and Plastikman though?

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    Oh... Tell Connie that it's okay and it's probably for the best as she would only rip out my heart,stamp on it and then kick it into gutter anyway,women are like that

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    So is Frank.

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    I wouldn't even poke Connie with Frank's. Yes I recognise the irony of that because of course he frequently will have. Connie is one of the most recognisable faces on Redtube, known as "Connie Lingus," not that you ever get to see that much of her face. She features in numerous clips, invariably with a large group of Rastafarians who rather enthusiastically simultaneously occupy every orifice she is in possession of, the end shot is always one of her looking like she's just had her heed pulled out of a bucket of wallpaper paste.
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