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Thread: O/T Wakefield Trinity

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    O/T Wakefield Trinity

    Just torn second placed Wigan Warriors a new one in tonights live Sky Super League clash .

    So that's top of the table St Helens well beaten at Belle Vue and now Wigan and yet we lose back to back games to the Huddersfield Giants .

    Give me fecking strength !!!!

    :-) :-) :-)

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    Its frustrating isn't it when that happens, in any sport actually. Im not a fan of any of those teams of course but its always a giggle seeing Wigan & Saints get a damn good thrashing.

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    Allus bin same Wakey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponte_Steve24 View Post
    Allus bin same Wakey
    If we can somehow make that top 4 we will win the Grand Final .

    Trouble is we have to play the muppets of the league to get there and we all know how that one normally goes .

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