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Thread: Knasmullner Rapid exit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponte_Steve24 View Post
    I'm wi' Exile here on Mcgeehan, he'll come good he brock his leg bustin' a gutt ffs. Also how anyone can say Mowatt is crap without seeing him play is beyond me.

    Seems prejudiced to me.
    Add me to the list regarding Mcgeeghan. I haven't seen enough of him but he's a big lad who's good in the air and he's not afraid to put his head in where it hurts, I can also see him being converted into a striker in the future.
    I think he should be given the chance to see what he can do before we discard him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OoohGerryGerry View Post
    He was brought in by the Corridor of Powers and not the person who gets most of the flack.
    Beane ?

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    EastStandRed correct, he was signed when the then Head Coach, identified that we needed a keeper. Everything was agreed with the player, who was coming for less money than he was on, only for club to then say there was no money available. Next breath we signed Knasmullner in a position that was already over filled.

    Juryís still out for me regarding McGeehan but Mowatt should go. Modern day footballers need to be athletes. Both Mowatt and Mcgeehan didnít pull any trees up whilst out on loan !!

    We donít see them everyday in training and if youíre the coach itís their job on the line, so they have the right to pick and play who they want. Footballs all about opionions, thatís why we love it!!

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    Extremely worrying is this recruitment model , we have a new HC who has come with a plan and he needs specific players to carry that plan out or he's wasting his time .

    Baseball is a very individual game played in a team environment , it's simply bat against ball with nothing like the cogs and wheels you experience in football .

    I don't like this one bit and I've had my concerns with Beane right from the moment he came through the door .

    He's experimenting with this club and he needs outing in my opinion , the sooner the better .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBRed48 View Post
    Will it take us six years to gerrarta Third Division ?

    Only in Sheffield.
    On the other hand Barnsley have spent 35 seasons iníthe 3rd and 4th tiers of English football.

    Youíre iníthe third tier now, be the third season iníthe last five I believe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardy View Post
    On the other hand Barnsley have spent 35 seasons in’the 3rd and 4th tiers of English football.

    You’re in’the third tier now, be the third season in’the last five I believe.

    Poor effort hardly meritting a reply but I'll just add we have spent 76 seasons at the second tier (Second Division and Championship) which is more than any other league club. Considering the size of the catchment area it is a great achievement. Sheffield is the 4th largest city in the UK but even the top club in the city, Sheffield Wednesday, haven't won owt for ages.
    I believe the other team Sheffield United won the First Division in 1899 and the FA Cup in 1925, nothing important since.
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