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Thread: Cammy Bell

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    Cammy Bell

    Released from Hibs.....

    Agents been sniffing around Tannadice.

    Yes or No?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaspar View Post
    Released from Hibs.....

    Agents been sniffing around Tannadice.

    Yes or No?
    Well he's going to have to start house hunting locally for a start now.............

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    His wife wont leave Annan, FACT

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    Good keeper but there appears to be no chance of him living within 25 miles of Dundee.

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    Cant let the emotions get in the way of this as 3 penalty saves will be forever in my memory.

    But he is another who is far too injury prone to be relied on for the season. Once Deniz is fit, that will mean we have 2 good keepers that are just as likely to fall over again injured as to save a shot!

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    Never thought he was that good to be perfectly honest, pass

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    was decent compared to some of the recent poor keepers we've had but he wasnt as good as a Zaluska, monk or pernis.

    no chance he'll move this side of the country tho so likely to sign for a west coast team.

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    Definite yes as to his ability.

    Definite no if he won’t move from Annan.

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    No thanks, didn't think his heart was in it last time, didn't think he was anything special and nothings changed distance wise between Annan and Dundee/St Andrews..

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    Mind you if it was a choice between Cammy or the Southampton superstar of the future the Monkey should excuse the latter fae the Ferry Castle rule.

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    SIGNED for Partick Thistle.

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    Thistle strengthening as are RC. Anyone a bit anxious that talks are stalling. The united way isnt a 25 mile radius Mike!!!! FFS

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