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Thread: England In Penalty Shoot Out Victory Shock

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    England In Penalty Shoot Out Victory Shock

    Inbeetweeners Blake Harrison will go down in history for his winning penalty tonight .

    Shocking misses from Paddy McGuiness and Lee Mack though .

    Special mention to Usain Bolt up front for the world x1 , decent performance lad , nice to see you blowing out of your @ss after 80 mins though , different game innit bruv :-) :-)

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    Watched it last night with my daughter Animal and thoroughly enjoyed it, fair play to all involved for raising over 5 million for the kids.
    Highlight for me was off the pitch with Kirsty Gallagher fit to bring the ducks off the water as usual.

    Did you notice though that they asked whoever the pundit was to choose the "player of the match" as opposed to the Man of The Match, perhaps this is something we can expect to see in the Football League next season ?

    I can see it at Oakwell now " And the none gender specific person of the match sponsored by Hayselden is........"

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    I went to Old Trafford for my first Soccer Aid last night and it was a wonderful evening, the reception Cantona got was outstanding as was the abuse Ya Ya Toure got lol..
    Got to say though the seats at Old Trafford are still cramped and uncomfortable no wonder everyone stands when Man Ure play and they won't let bags or brolly's etc into the ground they have to be locked away in porta cabins in the car park, but once you get in you can grab a beer in plastic bottles and take it to your seat? Don't know if this is allowed when there is a real game on?
    Good night though all in all for a great cause and the atmosphere was very good.

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    yes we said we wouldn't mind going next year if we could get tickets, was it a sell out then ?

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    I thought it was a novelty that wouldn't last at first, but Ussain Bolt has got some presence and power about him up front. And maybe he could be a real goal threat in our Conference or even in Lg Two!.

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    No red flag there was near 72,000 in there, still the highest attendance yet for a soccer aid game though.
    If you decide to go next year give me a shout on here and i'll tell you where to park for ease of access and egress etc.

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