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Thread: toilet issues

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    toilet issues

    Sobhi to join Huddersfield after WC

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsarebest View Post
    Sobhi to join Huddersfield after WC
    On that vein....
    complete with date proofName:  BAA55F41-2893-42B8-9E12-BF0C3A7E764C.jpg
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Size:  18.1 KBName:  BAA55F41-2893-42B8-9E12-BF0C3A7E764C.jpg
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    Magnificent sight jules , I sincerely hope the area is cordoned off and a tent erected over your finding guarded by the parachute regiment .

    This is a significant historical find , it's potentially right up there with the terracotta warriors and tutenkahman's tomb .

    I suspect archaeologists from the british museum are already on the scene .

    Good work jules and I look forward to seeing you on The History Channel .

    :-) :-)

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    Not good enough mate
    I’m expecting a Blue Plaque....

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    A sight to lift the heart this lovely morning. Brought a teear to my eyes.

    Such a bright white, such structure, untouched by rain or a kids footprint evvin stood in it. Lovely twirl at the end of each turd where the dog does a final thrust to release.

    Nice touch with the mobile. I'd say a Terrier or a little Sh1tsu judging by the size.

    Thank you Jules, thank you. Still filling up. Thaz meddan owd man very happy.

    Dried and ground to powder it has the potential for excellent snuff.
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    Thanks SB
    Great analysis
    I’m not revealing it’s location....... other than somewhere in Northumberland.

    Not sure if Mrs Jules’ phone ( in the Photo) quite touched............ but I’ve not mentioned it..

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    Who’s that with no clothes on in the reflection of the phone?
    Is it one of THOSE breaks away?

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    Only one meaning for me when the word “Whippet” is uttered...

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    I hope you washed your phone before you put it near your face

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