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Thread: World Cup betting

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    World Cup betting

    I think we need some fitba chat to get anway from Chalky's creepy pursuit off of Frank's sister and the Frank / Kelmet mod off.

    Anyways for what it is worth I shall be bunging an patriotic tenner on our BYLs as usual and 20 on Belgium.

    The Krauts will probably win it as usual though, so I'll have a fiver on them as well just to claw a bit back.

    Tenner on Griezmann for top scorer too tbf.

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    We don't do football on here as well you should know

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    Germany. By the way, ive done my ancestry dna test, its a shocker. My genes cover most of northern Europe, Poland, all of Russia, Spain, the middle east, Asia, Lithuania, Finland, and even a trace of middle european jew. After my mid european and Russian ancestry, i am 12% German. Up the Krauts, England have no chance.

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    I have no British dna. At all.

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    I am 100% Nottingham and that's all that matters,the rest of youse* can only dream of my DNA

    * I miss the old clique at times.....

    Not that there was ever one in the first place

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