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Thread: England got Southgate we got Weir

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    England got Southgate we got Weir

    According to press to-day when we turned down Southgate for Blades Managers job and gave it to Weir we told Southgate it was because he was too polite Another in the long line of clusterfck managerial decisions at the Lane.

    Southgate wasn't pulling up any trees at the time but if only he had a big gob we might have been spared the Weir tippy tappy on the edge of your own area football horror show.

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    I saw Weirs first game against Notts County at home on TV and thought "My God this is amazing" even though we made hard work of getting a 2-1 win in the end

    Then the board sold McDonald for a pittance and the rest is history

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    ...and can you imagine the reaction if Southgate had been announced by a smiling King Kev..? It would have been the end of the world, worse than Robson, and on a level with Gay Ron Smeg..!

    With Weir, I remember thinking 'well, that's a bit out of left field, but he's got a bit of pedigree. I can see the logic. Lets give him a few games and see...' . Oh well...

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    Only shouty and screamy managers have succeeded at the Lane though for the last 30 years or so.

    This is because of the long list of League One standard players who have played for us whether we were in The Championship or even The Premier League. Then the long list of League Two and non league players we've had whilst a League One club.

    They couldn't play so they needed motivation and a kick up the arris to get them to put four times as much effort in as their opponents

    I agree with the board for once, Gareth Southgate would have been a total disaster because he is too nice

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    You are correct JJB about the last 30 years. Compare this to 'Gentleman John Harris' who was seemingly a very quiet man who went about his business in gentlemanly manner (hence the nickname). Gareth could have been the second Mr Harris instead of managing England!

    PS Just drawn France and Croatia in the office world cup sweepstake - how good is that?!

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    It would have been a lot worse with Southgate would have been in conference by now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbyhatton80 View Post
    It would have been a lot worse with Southgate would have been in conference by now
    Giower,he wunta lasted longer than 6months at BDBL before t'shoes and him wer off.UTCB

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