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Thread: World Cup Sweepstake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayamonteblade View Post
    of course not if
    Has tha fell out of luv wi Glyn Hodges then Monte? UTCB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpe_diem View Post
    Hey, I'm just grateful for you and Aya doing this. I hope it was taken in the same jocular manner as it was meant

    And your poor cat. I've heard of a scapegoat, but never a scapecat...
    Certainly taken as it was meant Carpe - never entered my head it was anything other than.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulmer1889 View Post
    Don't suppose strict lady has any other out of hrs businesses does she SJH
    I wouldn’t dare ask Bulmer!!!!!

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    For a friend

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    A lucky win for Portugal but that how they won the euro’s !.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodcurrie View Post
    Has tha fell out of luv wi Glyn Hodges then Monte? UTCB
    Australia is my team in the sweepstake Rod, so I thought I'd embrace it and put Glyn away temporarily. Sadly I'm the only one to have done this...........?!

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    Thought you might like an update of where we stand with the sweepstake:

    Name:  World Cup Grid  (2).jpg
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