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Thread: Leon Clarke

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    Leon Clarke

    Iíve heard Hull have tabled a £5million bid for him. Thoughts if true?

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    3 threads now and still no one has actually bothered to say where exactly they've heard this.

    I suspect it's bull sheet.

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    Someone is having a laugh

    No chance

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    Iíd sell him if true 100%

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    It's all over twitter 5 mil take it I will drive him there like him but 5 mil for someone his age

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    how many games did he actually score in? tho 5 mil dunt do much for getting a replacement in

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    And who are we going to get to replace him for a paltry £5m if true? Joint third highest scorer in the division last season and we're looking to sell him without any thought to who replaces him. As to value Reading are reported to be considering a bid in excess of £7m for Keemar Roofe who has done the sum total of fck all at Leeds. Bristol have turned down an approach from West Brom for Bobby Reid in excess of £7m and Leeds have been told by Derby the offer of £10m plus for Vydra isn't enough.

    So Madkins double your offer and then we'll start talking. We're in the championship now prices have gone up and strikers are at a premium.

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    Dont sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boltonblade View Post
    I’ve heard Hull have tabled a £5million bid for him. Thoughts if true?
    If that's true we'll sell LEON,we'd be daft not too in my view.I like LEON alot but given his age,i dunt think anyone could/would be upset if it went through,do i believe that offer tho,no i dunt.UTCB

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    I really canít understand people who say let Leon leave for whatever fee it is thatís on offer.
    If he can return 18-20 goals again this season in a much improved quality squad(given our rumoured new budget) Add in a fit and firing Coutts and LCs goals could be the difference between getting into the Premier League and a potential £160 million.
    As others have said where would we get a player to replace those goals. He is proven at this level.
    We need to add to the strike force not break it up.
    Hogan or similar (if in our price range) would be ideal.

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    dont think theres any chance leon will be sold as for scott hogan hes a very interesting option imo bit injury prone and it hasnt happened for him at villa but on his best form hes a top championship striker rumoured to be on 30k a week so would only be a loan and if we could get him on 15k a week might be a good deal for us adam armstrong is another who would also get plenty of goals imo but once again would only be a loan

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    If true sell, 5 million for a player who will be 34 next yr, some are saying we should be selling Brookes for 10 mill and we should turn down 5 mill for Clarke,

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    We should only sell him if we’ve got a nailed on better replacement, but £5m for a player his age seems way OTT.

    I agree with Herbert, I think it’s bull, the guy who started it all on S2 had only made 2 posts.

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