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Thanks for the good wishes. Pain eased off on Monday so stopped the pain killers,big mistake pain come back with a vengence on Tuesday. Back to the hospital tomorrow for a dressing change. My consultant estimated around 4 weeks before i can drive, been having a go on my guitar wah wah pedal to get foot control back.
My wife and the family have been golden. My wife hasn't been driving much since i've retired and is a bit short of confidence and says our car is too big. But i can see she's getting more relaxed.
Good to hear all is going well Lloyd.

The pain will come and go over the next couple of weeks as you've unfortunately discovered. Always try to ease off pain killer prescriptions gradually, then increase dosage from a starting base if required. They work a lot quicker if you've already got something in your system as opposed to starting from scratch.

Great to read that you're playing the guitar as it's an excellent way to relax. Just take it nice and easy with the wah wah pedal over the next few days. You'll know how far you can go but try not to bust your stitches mate. They should come out at your next (14 day) appointment anyway.

Great to hear you've got the close support of your wonderful family. As for the driving I'm sure James wouldn't mind you taking his powered chair for a spin if you get itchy feet . Take care bud', you'll soon be up and down those steps on the Brummie chap. COYB .