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Thread: The 2018 World Cup, for us England fans

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    Anybody still itching after seeing all those midges?

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    We’re the team to beat

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    Quote Originally Posted by jocksgloves View Post
    Anybody still itching after seeing all those midges?
    rather them than me!

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    Great late finish to a frustrating evening in the pub! With it for those lovely few moments of mad joy with strangers.

    Agree with those that say we thoroughly deserve the win but we are carrying on that tradition of not responding well to knock backs against lesser but well organised teams. But in fairness to us we kept probing well and I think we are tending to make more chances than we did 2 years ago by quick passing through the middle. Although, as usual, it's set pieces that ultimately get us the goals!

    Drop Kane after that? Come on!

    Sterling very frustrating and lost his place to me. Not that he doesn't care as some say, just loses his nerve when it matters, makes bad choices and is counter productive. Young likewise, Alli disappointing but would stick with him. Good stick from Trippier, Maguire, Henderson did well I thought and Stones getting couple of good headers in at key moments. Like that thing of defenders suddenly taking the ball from centre line into opponents area which we did to keep pressure up well at times.

    First game, as fluent as any other team at this stage. We should in no way get our hopes up but great that we ground out a fully deserved win in an actual world cup game for the first time in donkeys!

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    Yes, it would have been a 1-1 win wouldn't it, if we hadn't got that late winning goal, which we totally deserved by the way.
    Ive heard that they are one of the best African teams at the moment on current form and results etc, but they were still garbage tonight and they tried to hold us, especially when they got their flukey penalty.

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    Can someone explain how Sterling gets in ahead of Rashford?

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    Done better than lots of the top teams so far so that’s something. Kane actually moved into position well and controlled his finishes - not easy as shown by most of the rest of the team!

    Passing and touch is a bit too slow and inaccurate to have bothered a top team today, but hopefully they’ll get on the piggy in the middle in training (nowt to do with Wednesday btw..) before Panama and improve to put them away earlier in the match.

    VAR seems like one step forward one step back too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattylallacks2 View Post
    Can someone explain how Sterling gets in ahead of Rashford?
    I'd guess having consistently good club form over the season.

    But having the mentality to lead an attack for your country, without being able to rely on being surrounded by a squad of the best players in the country is another thing entirely. He reminded me of Sissoko for Spurs, lots of talent, gets into good positions but then runs into blind alleys and produces actually very little. Just doesn't seem to have the head or the nerve when it matters. Kane on the other hand. That nodded finish on a slowly spinning ball to tuck it away. Made it look deceptively easy. Delicious. Pad went mad!

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    Absolutely bossed it from start to finish against a team who are apparently no mugs, I'd argue otherwise on that pitiful showing.
    England were quality and really should have put it to bed in the first half.
    For the first time in a very long time I'm feeling happy and content with an England performance in a tournament, and that's without alcohol too 😀

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    Ive had more than a few beers tonight Hazza/Gazza, but I agree with what your saying.
    We did deserve the win in all fairness, and fingers crossed we will qualify from these group stages.

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    I thought for a squad that is still learning the formation and still learning how to beat a team that defends in numbers we did really well. The team is also making all the right noises and we have not had that in a very long time either. One down 2 to go but feeling pretty optimistic at the moment.

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    Think we’d show a little more balance with Danny Rose in there and Loftus Cheek and Rashford banging the door down now.

    Not having Young at Left Wing back. Linguard not for me and Sterling just doesn’t play with any belief.

    Vardy got to be coming on as an impact player and probably will be when we have less possession in a game.

    Posters knocking Kane basically don’t understand the player or the game of football.

    Get Alli a bit closer to him (if fit) and we’ll do OK.

    Wouldn’t mind a 58yo version of Iniesta in our team though.

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