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Thread: Is GT fit again?

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    Is GT fit again?

    I ask the question because we all thought he looked overweight last season and was missing the oomph he used to have. The odd still and video I have seen of the Tenerife training camp appear to show a slimmed down version of the GT we last saw play.....

    A properly fit again GT would be like a new signing.

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    I think GT has had plenty of opportunity to get a regular starting position but he blew it. He came back unfit and overweight.

    Time to move him on!

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    Look at him now is the point I made. He looks a proper slim Jim. If he has got fit over the past couple of months and is back to his best he would be one of the first few names on the team sheet.

    It took Hughes a season with us and a few months with Watford to get back to his old self.

    GT wasn't back last season and neither was Forsyth. On another forum I use, both a former DCFC reserves player and I forecast both would need last season and a full pre season to get back to where they were. I believe Loughie and I will be proven right.

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