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Thread: Cork City V The Clarets

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    Quote Originally Posted by willyeck View Post
    Thousands of fans are unable to attend turf Moor to queue up, so that's half the tickets unavailable to me
    Could you buy tickets for others as long as you had their details... If so one person could get 100,another one 50 and before you know it you're stood in a queue but with no tickets left
    If you can only buy one how do groups of friends sit together, even your son would have to queue up with you. I could go on.....
    The season ticket is for home games, therefore you have the same benefits for home games as any other season ticket holder
    I've had a season ticket every year since before the points system, with away games iam somewhere over 6000 points, so the only way someone could get more points than me is to go to a heck of a lot more away games than I have, and as such they deserve the chance to get high interest away game tickets before me.
    … and therefore the privilege is self perpetuating. It's bollox!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SELDOM_SEEN_KID View Post
    Such a shame I would put you curmudgeonly lot up in the guest rooms lol.
    Thatís a fair assessment and a nice offer, Iím sure lots of happy friendly Burnley fans will be in Cork.

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    Me and the lad might just fly in. I like my eggs poached!

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