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    Signed for Buxton fc . Harry had a dig saying he's surprised juve have been outbid by a non league side. Looks like no love lost there,mind you one kid prepared to put the time and effort in provably did get irked by one that wouldn't

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    Non-league is littered with 'nearly made it' kids. There's plenty who could have made it into the leagues, 'if only', but its a funny age especially for boys. Temptations and distractions always there.

    Plus Harry didn't do his cruciate...

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    That’s ground is ferking freezing even in summer,lad at work supports Buxton,they pride themselves on being a team of thugs he says,

    I just hope the lad finds some happiness playing football at what is still a very good level of the game

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    Plus Harry didn't do his cruciate...

    He didn't come over all billy big bollox either and think he'd made it when he got a sponsor !

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