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Thread: after life

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    after life

    woke up about 3am this morning with a warm sensation running down my spine then I could smell my mum who passed 10 years ago never believed in anything like this but wow what a moment ! has anyone ever experienced owt similar ,

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    Go on you've been kind enough to share this experience, I'll open up and share mine...

    I sometimes have vivid dreams, often in colour, so real that when I wake up I can't quite work out if it happened or didn't. They usually involve people I knew, who are no longer with us, including my parents. No-one talks to me in these dreams. Sometimes I imagine smells and hear sounds. Sometimes these dreams (which are more complicated than a Mission Impossible film with incredible detail) repeat, absolutely identically, sometimes years apart. Sometimes, I will be going about my day, and I get a tremendous sense of deja vu, as what I'm doing appeared in a dream, sometimes months before, sometimes years. (Then the nurse gives me some more medication ).

    I've spoken to others about this, and found a few people who also have experienced it. I don't believe in an after-life, but I do believe that brains can do the most amazing things. Brains are like that. They have a mind of their own...

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