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Thread: Fantasy League News 2018/2019

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    I wrote most my acceptance speech last night but didn't post it due to multitasking then accidentally deleted closed the window.

    Thanks all. I'm actually genuinely pleased to have won this year. Such a fun little comp with an awesome bunch of Villans. Can't wait for next season. I'd like to thank my players and staff and the special volunteers who give their time freely for the love of Ozstan Villa.

    Large Icardi & Koke, Winnie’s Warriors and Mr Tee pushed us all the way with some shrewd investments and tactics but in the end dogged stubbornness and blind luck prevailed.

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    Thank you Rosie for making the comp so enjoyable. Did you say you had last year's final table somewhere? I'd love to see the point comparison please

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    If anyone is interested in knowing their final points tally from previous seasons going back to when they first participated in the league all you need to do is go to the points screen and on the right you will see View Gameweek History click onto that then scroll down to Season History and all will be revealed. 😝

    Ok Sam final scores for the 2017/2018 season.

    Oz - 1813

    Sam - 2026

    Winnie - 1998

    Uncle Tony - 2047

    BB - 1960

    Nuc - 1935

    Picasso- 1964

    Rosie - 1896

    Dazzy - 2052

    Yubby - 2032

    Jesh - 2011

    HJ - 1881

    Gornal - 1858

    Bongo - 1864

    Iwuz - 1924

    Made sure this season I corrected my error and wrote the scores on the final table. 😜🤪😝

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    Thank you Rosie I hadn't ever noticed that!!! 👀👀👀

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    Sorry, bit late to the end of season party. Congratulations to Oz for a magnificent effort. I am resigned to my mid table position. I have become the Everton of the VM Fantasy league. Must do better next season. A most enjoyable competition made all the more sweeter by the amazing reports from Rosie. Thank you so much Rosie.

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    Awesome speech oz and awesome stats Rosie 👍

    Gonna need to up me game next season n hopefully grealish will help eh lol

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    I'm not sure if I will include Grealish next season? Maybe? Him and Mcginn don't score enough. Mings is a good shout but I can't see us keeping many clean sheets.
    Tammy is a good one if he's with us. Maybe I will wait and see who we sign. I imagine we can attract some very good players this summer.
    Being to patriotic can harm you at times. I remember having Guzan in goal and Villar in defence. That was the season we got relegated I think.

    Anyway why am I giving you lot advice?

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