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Thread: Prediction league rules 2018/2019

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    Prediction league rules 2018/2019

    Each week I will include fixtures for the teams of those taking part. There will also be a few random fixtures which I think catch the eye. For week 1 I will use the teams of those who were in at the end of last season. Any new posters should include their team name with their first week predictions and these will be used from week 2. If after week 3 one of last seasons posters has not predicted then their team will no longer be included.

    If you predict the correct score (e.g. you predict a 2-1 home win and the home team wins 2-1) you score three points.

    If you predict the correct result but not the correct score (i.e. if you had predicted a 3-1 home win in the game above) you score one point.

    No points are scored in the event of an incorrect outcome.

    Postponed or abandoned fixtures will not score any points.

    Once all of the matches have finished, the results of the predictions will be posted on a separate results thread. There will be a cumulative thread starting after week 2 showing the latest league table for all fixtures to date

    If a poster does not make predictions for three consecutive weeks they will be removed from the league and their team excluded for the rest of the season, unless of course they are involved in one of the eye catching fixtures. Once you are excluded you cannot rejoin the league.

    New posters are allowed to join with zero points, until week tens results have been concluded.

    The poster with the most points after the last round of fixtures is the winner.

    There is no prize just bragging rights.

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    Top man David. and of course the bragging rights will be mine lol.

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