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Thread: Ipswich Saturday

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    Ipswich Saturday

    My son Jesh and myself have tickets for Ipswich, the only problem is they are with the home fans !!

    We are sitting right next to the Villa fans, but what is the correct etiquette, sit on our hands and don't speak any Brummie sentences, or risk being ejected ?

    I only ever went in the away end once before, at Highbury the day we won the League in 1981, me and my brother stood on the North bank watching the Villa fans going ballistic in the Clock end after Boro had scored, we just winked at each other.

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    Jeannie mack mate, I hadn’t done that since 1991 at Sheff Wed, Big Ron’s first game, until Leeds last season. It depends on whether or not you feel like an ‘engineering dispute’, whether you cheer or get up for a p1ss.
    Thanks to Lansbury and my choice of the above, it was quite a bumpy ride.
    On a serious note, the home stewards at grounds these days are ‘duty bound’ to remove away fans in the home sections from the ground immediately, as was my case last season. So it’s up to you and the ‘Son and heir’ if you want to see the whole game or not.
    No doubt, even in the charming town of Ipswich (coff) there will be someone who will take offence.
    So, to quote Dirty Harry, ‘how lucky do ya feel, Punk?’.
    Then again, if Kodjia plays, you may not find yourself in that predicament.
    This information is obviously no help whatsoever to you both, but hey, ‘it’s good to talk’.

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