Difficult to say what our best team is currently, i am not sure CW knows. We are conceding too many but not scoring enough. However our reinforcements have or are about to bring some much needed quality into midfield. I think we should pick the most positive team we have and go for wins (hoping that the back 3 start to gel)


Egan Stearman JOC

Freemen Fleck Coutts Norwood Johnson

Woodburn or Duffy in the hole

Lone Striker has to be Billy at the moment but hopefully a New improved version soon.

Bench: Clarke, Baldock, Bryan (is he injured ?), Leonard, Bash, Moore, Woodburn or Duffy

That midfield looks quality but the defense needs to tighten up.

Alternatively drop Woodburn/Duffy move Fleck up to just behind Billy and put Leonard or Bash in as defensive midfield sweeper.

What are your thoughts moving forward ?.