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Thread: September 11th 2001 Recollections

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    Quote Originally Posted by BogBrush1903 View Post
    He was booked on TWA Flight 800 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean with no survivors but had been held up at Atlanta Airport and changed flights.
    TWA Flight 800 is one conspiracy theory that sounds entirely plausible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarok View Post
    TWA Flight 800 is one conspiracy theory that sounds entirely plausible.
    Agreed, especially when you consider that members of the original investigation team want the investigation re-opened...but there's a number of conspiracy theories regarding it so I'm not sure which one you find plausible?

    Pan-Am Flight 103 is also most definitely another where some conspiracy theories are nearer the truth than the official story. There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a conspiracy of silence at Governmental level both here and in the States about the true perpetrators. The Libyans were convenient bogey men when everything points at an Iranian revenge attack (Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by the US Navy) completed by proxy through Syrian state and non-state actors. The Minister of Transport at the time, Paul Channon admitted as much in a 'off the record' discussion with the press. He was sacked soon after.

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    The company that I worked for overseas at that time had offices in the North Tower and I had been to a number of meetings in these offices. I also knew a number of people who sadly perished that day, including one guy, who was a former client of mine, and who had only just started working in the North Tower office the week before.

    Travelling by air in the US then was so drastically different than it is now. Two years before, my wife and I were in Boston. Because of a family emergency, she had to fly home alone two days before me. She mistakingly took my passport, yet was still able to fly overseas from Logan with barely a question being asked (she did have a photo on her driving licence). Two days later I had her passport and a faxed copy of my passport (which looked absolutely nothing like me) and told the bizarre circumstances whilst checking in, and at security and at the gate. Nobody was remotely interested and I was waved through without a question being asked.

    The. Company still holds a minutes' silence on 9/11 every. Sad, very sad.

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