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Thread: Bristol today

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    Bristol today

    Good Evening Blades,

    Just got back to the hotel room after the game and a fantastic curry in the Old India restaurant.
    The match, I feared the worse when I saw Fleck wasn't playing, that was compounded by the selection of number 7.
    God knows I've tried, I really have, but I don't see it, I said as much to SBT about six weeks ago.
    He really doesn't offer anything, can't head a ball, no pace, can't shoot and he can't pass water.
    When Norwood got booked for a nothing challenge by an unbelievably poor ref. Our "midfield" was taken out of the equation.
    The number 7 can't tackle, Duffy, bless him couldn't tackle a Sunday dinner, creative yes, but when your only ball winner
    is booked then the prospects of a midfield battle become seriously diminished.
    That brings me to McGoldrick, he should have a hat trick in the first half, well at least one if I'm being kind.
    The first chance is guilt edged, he has time to control it and side-foot it in. Yet, he puts the laces through it and misses the net entirely.
    Bristol, by the way, are a poor side and chose to lump all first half.
    Second half we lost our way and when they scored a rather fortunate goal, there was no getting back. That said our first half performance was first class apart from apalling finishing.
    A mention to the mighty Blades fans who travelled in numbers, they were superb.
    I feel for Norwood today, he worked his nuts off.
    We desperately need pace, I know it isn't cheap if and that's the case give Washington more game time.
    I think a mention needs to go to Ashton Gate stewards, I thought they were a credit, polite, sensitive and courteous.
    Their Bramall Lane cohorts could learn some manners and consideration if they were to give them lessons.
    To the guy at the back of me today who I met in the pre-season friendly at Mansfield, I agree with 95% of what you say, it's only whem it comes to owd John we diifer.
    See you at Millwall.
    UTB in Wilder we trust.

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    Great post pal! UTB

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    I agree about the no 7 he tries his best but goes missing during game, sorry you can't carry players in this league. He may be a CW favorite but for me I would have added energy in the game by playing Boldock in that position against Bristol. If we fail by the same 7 or 8 points to get in a promotion position it will be games like this where we let ourselves down.Nothing less than 6 points this week to keep up our promotion push UTB

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    So we lose one and it's all Lundy's fault.FLECKY is the only player we can't replace adequately in my opinion so whoever came in for him would be short of FLECKY's Influence and Baldock most certainly aint a FLECKY replacement.I don't and never have claimed Lundy's a world beater but there's no way he's has bad as some reckon cos if he was he'd've been let go.I dint go so to those that did well done,terrific support.I watched bits&bobs of it on a poor streamin service and i thought first half we shudda been at least 2 up but if ya dunt tek your chances you're allus likely to pay for it.If it's alr8 wi folk tho i won't panic yet and i hope LEON's back v Brum and of course we need a fit&firin FLECKY. UTCB

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    My point is we cannot carry anyone Lundy does not mark anyone or chase back when our defence under pressure
    What is wrong with BAsh in centre midfield just in front of defence with Norwood on right and Duffy on left

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    Afternoon fellow Blades,

    Hope you're all well.
    In answer to your point Rod, "we've lost one and it's all Lundy's fault". No the team lost, what Lunstrum contributes is minimal, to say the least, and has been since his arrival. I have no agenda against him, it's just that I think he's a very average 3rd division player at best.
    I personally don't understand how he gets a shirt, for a young lad his pace is frighteningly slow, for young lad he has no aggression at all. Apart from a tackle he couldn't get out of the way against Inter and the scenario against the odious Grealish.
    His passing is very one dimensional, surely the easiest position in modern football is the "holding midfielder" our No.7 makes this look like a Herculean task.
    He attempted a ball yesterday in the first half inside their fullback, it wasn't a difficult pass Rod and he kicked straight out.
    As Woody suggests put Bash in his position, the lad can tackle (surely a prerequisite for a central midfielder) he can head a ball and
    what's more he can tackle.
    I thought we were very unlucky first half, they were there for the taking, if McGoldrick had anything about him, instead of pure panic
    we would have won comfortably.
    I've seen some poor footballers in my 38 years of going home and away, but poor old John is up there with them.
    Like I said he offers nothing, if I'd have been Norwood yesterday, I would have been pulling my hair out. Duffy as great as he is going
    forward doesn't win many balls and poor old John wins hardly any.
    Maybe it's a "confidence" thing but surely Chris's faith, is all confidence he needs. If we're playing 3 in midfield you can't have 2 that don't stuck in, our formation doesn't afford that luxury.
    As you say "opinions", mine is, that a 3 man midfield with John Lundstrum in it, contributed towards an undeserved defeat.
    All the said, I think we have the makings of a good side, get the great Mr Fleck back in and slowly introduce Paul Coutts and we have
    a cracking midfielder.
    Wilder shipped out Evans because he wasn't enough, now all we need in my opinion is a reassessment of Mr Lundsrum. Good luck John and thank you for your time at Bramall lane.
    As always, in Wilder we trust and up the Blades.
    Good afternoon Blades.

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