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Thread: scott g's raffle dfc top from weegieville marathon --winner

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    Cool scott g's raffle dfc top from weegieville marathon --winner

    Went up to Andys Man Club at MacDairmid Park on Monday to get Alex McClintock and Nicol Lumsden to do the draw for the signed top. The winner was Paul Reoch, well done and thanks to everyone who made a donation, we’ve raised a tremendous amount of money for a very good cause. Alex, Adam and several of the lads who attend the sessions are currently away to Kilimanjaro. I’m sure everyone wishes them all the very best, regards, Scott.

    844 raised and a time of 2hrs 18mins,personally dina think the lad has run as fast as that since he got aff the bus in Douglas and the Toddy chased him back to Gotterstone lol seriously a big well done

    i have pics of the draw however i cani seem to be able to transfer them on here
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    Great effort folks, tidy sum raised for a very good cause, more help coming their way also as a couple of Dundee fans who donated also offered to give them additional support which I’m sure we will hear about in time.
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