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Thread: Something needs to change at Crewe...

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    Something needs to change at Crewe...

    Two top half finishes in 15 years and it feels like the club are sleepwalking into the abyss.

    This is my heartfelt opinion on the clubs plight:

    What do people think is going wrong?

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    I couldn't disagree with your figures but I think it all comes down to money I know I mentioned in your earlier post what was the 4.4 m spent on exactly.

    For one and many reasons the club is not giving the managers enough cash. We all know now that your league position, in any pro league is dependent on how much money the club have either via the gates or by a benefactor, with the odd exception. You mentioned before the plight Burton were in trying to climb the league.

    Not sure re your academy thoughts. I mention George Cooper, Colclough plus bonus for sales
    I much prefer watching our youth grow than some old ageing pro (excepting the ones we have) coming for the money though that doesn't apply here. I believe at the last meeting with the board that we would still need the training facilities including the cost even if we scrapped the youth set up.

    I heard recently that next season more money will be available, directors loans being repaid?. True or not and why I do not know and that DA has the full backing of the board.

    Thanks for your input TK20 I enjoy reading them

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    Thanks out0lunch, much appreciated, its just a hobby for me really!

    The issue with the money argument is that if we say the manager needs more of it then that has to be found within the existing budget because we already make a loss as it is! So do you scale down the academy to funnel more money to the manager?

    I like the youth system too and am not in favour of scrapping the academy but I think there is an argument it could be downgraded to Cat 3, like a lot of other clubs around us. The football landscape has changed so much but Crewe haven't.

    Interesting what you mention about more funds for next season - that rumour would lead me to believe the board think they can get something sorted with Hassall by then as they only dropped the legal action so he would get his act together and sell up.

    I noticed on Companies house a few days ago the club had a charge of deposit settled which had been in place since 2010 and wondered if that was linked to directors loans being repaid (by whom I'm not sure), so what you have heard appears to have some basis. My understanding of a charge of deposit is that you put an amount down (in this case it was 63k) as a deposit which then allows you to lend a greater sum against that deposit. I could be wrong on that front, but certainly some signs of movement which can only be positive.

    I want to believe Artell is the right man and I want him to succeed but I've seen very little evidence so far he has the tools for the job.

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    Bury's accounts make for interesting reading. They borrowed a few years ago a large sum of money in order to improve their league position, not worked.
    I seem to remember 2 to 3 years ago there then manager saying the players were being paid a pittance, one figure I remember was 250 pw. Suddenly they seem to have some cash, looks like a share issue

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