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Thread: i do think we will avoid the drop.. Just !

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    i do think we will avoid the drop.. Just !

    Even with N McC at the helm. I think we will finish 10th though. I think over the weeks we will gain a few points over St Mirren & Accies,and have a relatively comfy distance between us and them,come the end if the season.
    I think we will improve somewhat and start picking up points. For starters I do fancy us for a win at Livi in a fortnights time,and draw level with Accies,and jump to third bottom. Livi have started brilliantly and it will be tight,but have a feeling we will Nick this one.Fancy Kenny Miller to get up and running in this game.
    Might be totally wrong and we get skelped and the season is an unmitigated disaster,as it appears right now,but I think we will gradually improve and will have enough to see us over the line.

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    Said 4 or 5 weeks ago to taintedice we wouldn't go Down think it's 50/50 now.

    This side wouldn't win a playoff imho.

    11th wud see us drop.

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