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Thread: Coll Donaldson

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjaflup22 View Post
    Oh bore off Mr Donaldson, nobody 'hated' your son, he was just not a very good player. Anyway he'll probably earn 10 times more than me over his career so maybe less moaning and a bit more gratitude towards the folk who essentially pay his over inflated wages is in order.
    great post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM1971 View Post
    Hatred is wrong. Period. He was a bit immature when he was with us, but as his Father implies, a young, daft laddie. Such types need guidance from seasoned pros. He is one of many. Robson belongs to the same category.

    Goodness me. When I think back to the team he played with, he should be suing United!

    agree....too many young lads thrown in when not ready and still immature. added to that no leaders like we had in the 70/80s and early 90s to look up to.
    no HATRED from anyone I know.

    imo also a product of the too much too soon brigade especially as he got a move down south so ore money without proving yourself....which annoys me mediocre English teams taking punts on promising young Scottish lads without improving their education IF they don't come up to scratch.

    don't chase big money if you can hold off and learn your trade properly would be my mantra...but I do understand why it wuld happen
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