Hi everyone up in Arbroath. Iíve been meaning to send a thread to you for a while now. Eventually found time, so here it is. Itís ĎPaulí, Josh Falkinghamís dad. I always watch for your results and have done ever since Josh left your brilliant club to sign for Jim Jefferies at The Pars. I have great memories of watching Josh take his first steps on the football ladder, and what a club to do so with. My trips up there are still fresh in my mind, and I loved everyone of them. Obviously the Title winning day, was unreal, I think we won 4-1 v Montrose with Josh scoring a memorable 2nd. I met many friends during his time with you, and had some great times in the pub over the road (sorry but forgotten itís name!!!!). I hope the framed photograph display we brought up is still hung in there. (If so, could someone, take a photo and send to my e-mail address paulfalks2@icloud.com). Anyway, the main reason Iím getting in touch, is things are looking good again for another Title challenge. Iíve got you on my coupon today, so hope Iím not a jinx:-). All the best everyone, including the lovely Karen, who always welcomed us at the gate/ticket office. Paul (Litches) Falkingham.