Wish I'd wrote this yesterday when I was sober. Anyway brilliant to be back in action with the short trip to Rotherham. Obviously a dead easy game as they are crap at home etc etc. Joking apart, this is a difficult test for us and I expect a very difficult mid afternoon, one I hope we can negotiate......


Any team news?

Unchanged from last time out?

Is Egan ok? Lol, I mean not Carrying a knock?

Dunno what to add. Still pissed from last night. Hopefully we are going back to the top of the league. My daughter Siobhan deserves it. She already loves United despite never seeing us live yet. Mind she's only 13 months. Born a blade, I'll have to apologise to her one day. 3-1 blades today.

Safe journey all.

Be loud, be proud.