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Thread: Toon players Xmas party cancelled

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    Toon players Xmas party cancelled

    As title says

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonfalifekevbrown View Post
    As title says
    They cancelled it on Friday..Keep up lad..

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    it's an anachronism...they get paid an absolute bastard fortune to be professional athletes, not to go out on the piss and get mortal during one of the busiest times of the season.

    Don't care if they're young lads-it's ridiculous that it's even a 'thing' these days. Missing out is a small price to pay for tens of thousands of pounds a week.

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    Agreed Zip.

    I'm sure it has happened before but can you imagine if players at any club went out, got ****ed, messed up the next game and then went down by a point. .

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