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Thread: The new "Bowser"?

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    The new "Bowser"?

    Nicky Low.........?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagapapa View Post
    Nicky Low.........?
    Have to say I thought he was outstanding. He was snapping into tackles at every opportunity and was throwing passes around for fun. He seemed to love mixing it with the ross county players and I'm certain he burst out laughing at Spence when winding him up near the corner flag. He looks a cocky wee player that can back it up with his work rate and ability so I think he is going to prove to be a brilliant signing.

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    Great start for Nicky Low today. He may well have the impact that Bowser had. Not sure about the comparison re tackling given Low clearly loves a tackle and for all his strengths Bowser couldn`t tackle a fish supper. The "Bowser`s gonna get you" chant used to make me laugh. I loved the guy and he was fantastically fit in a physical sense and a tremendous player for us but he was in no way a midfiled enforcer,

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    You can totally see why he was a fans favourite at his previous club.
    Love the player fan interaction thing.

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