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Thread: Longstaff

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    I thought from what I saw on the tv he looked pretty good for a debut
    Not nervous or flappy and made some good passes and non stop running

    Well done son

    Glad to see Lejeune back from his ac injury as well

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    Much better option than phucking Hayden.Did really well.As for Lejuene,great to have him back.Hes like a Rolls Royce on a forecourt full of Minis in that team.Wont be long before Fatty cashes in now he is back fit.

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    Agree on both points. Longstaff was decent and, for me, streets ahead of an overweight, ponderous and hugely limited Hayden,

    Even though he was clearly a bit rusty, Lejeune was our best defender by a mile.

    Incidentally, I thought Yedlin was really poor-slow caught in position, positionally suspect and generally a bit shit.

    perez was shite...I don't care how hard he works.

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    Aye, pleased how Longstaff did.

    He should start against Blackburn and then potentially Cardiff as well.

    Hopefully with Lejeune back the silly goals conceded to the clubs around us will stop.

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    He did very well tbh

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    He will be dropped on Saturday as shelvey and Diame stroll back into the team b4 doing the square root of phuck all.

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