Said everything about the vast majority of our season so far. We’ve done pretty well against the so called bigger teams and given all bar Liverpool a game. Given that most of the teams we’ve put out have had at least 6/7 players (at times 8 ie Watford recently and today was 7 with a prem debutant) bought for the championship it is remarkable.

Cardiff next week is pivotal as far as our season is concerned. We HAVE to win, nothing else will do and the other cup finals are all at home Southampton, Burnley, Palace and Huddersfield. I think 12/13 points from these or we’re going down as even though we tend to play decent away from home we won’t pick up 3/4 wins with the games we’ve got. Imagine having to go to Fulham having to win on the last day.

It’s pretty depressing stuff but we’ll deserve to go down if we feck up at home......and the omens aren’t good. Howay Rafa it’s time to change your game plan, attack is the best form of defence.