Hi Guys its looking very ominous for us nowadays, gone are the days when we were rivals,

If and When and Probably we go out of the Football league.
It Looks Like being Bolton Wanderers Who will Inherit the Honour of calling themselves The Worlds Oldest League Club
theres just two competitors Aston Villa were formed the same year as Bolton , villa were founded on the 21st November 1874
However searching for this in the past i have yet to see printed anywhere the actual date of Boltons formation,
so unless they are very unlucky. and were formed in the last few weeks of 1874.
its going to be The Trotters. by a snout.

To qualify you had to be CONTINUOUS founder members from the year the league was formed in 1888,

NFFC across the river were formed 1865 but were not in it at its inception.
Stoke although they have on their stand 1863 thats a load of bull, as they were formed sept 26th 1868,
went bankrupt dropped out of the league 1908 and didn't get back in again until after the first world war, later becoming Stoke City when the City was bestowed the honor of City.
neither was Sheffield Wednesday 1867 Founder members.
ps two of my uncles used to play for Bolton Horace and Jack Feebery pre first world war
and on of their other brothers Alf, their brother was at Notts County.