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Thread: For Waldron

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    Oct 2011

    For Waldron

    I am away for a few weeks old man and would you post my predictions At present we are in the playoffs and still in the cup it would be nice if we still there when i gets back I think the mrs is being at bit unreasonable in preferring a hol instead of the Rovers Cheers
    Fri 15th
    Sunderland 2 Accrington 0
    Sat 16th Southend 1 Portsmouth 1
    Barnsley 2 Wycombe 0
    Bradford 1 Plymouth 0
    Charlton 0 Blackpool 0
    Coventry 2 Walsall 0
    Fleetwood 0 Luton 1
    Gillingham 1 Scunny 1
    Oxford 2 Peterborough 0
    Shrewsbury 1 Burton 1

    Tue 19th
    Accrington 2 Oxford 0
    Barnsley 2 Burton 0
    Portsmouth 2 Bristol 0
    Sunderland 2 Gillingham 0

    Sat 23rd
    Scunny 0 Rovers 2
    Accrington 1 Southend 0
    Wimbledon 1 Charlton 1
    Blackpool 2 Oxford 0
    Bristol 0 Sunderland 2
    Burton 1 Fleetwood 1
    Peterborough 1 Shrewsbury 0
    Plymouth 2 Rochdale 0
    Portsmouth 0 Barnsley 0
    Walsall 1 Bradford 0
    Wycombe 2 Gillingham 0
    Sun 24 th
    Luton 2 Coventry 0

    Tuesday 26 th
    Shrewsbury 0 Rovers 2

    Many thanks RTID

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    No problem, Lifelong. Have a great holiday.
    Hopefully Rovers will continue with the excellent progress made so far.
    Were you at Meet The Owners? It was good to hear such positivity about the club.

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    Yes been to most of them very positive signs next time we will have to meet hope you have settled in and once again cheers

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    The MTO meeting was very congenial this time with very few issues (only about standing fans at away games, and our own fans standing in the South Stand). But when we are doing so well what is there to complain about as our league position is the most important thing surely? Sounds as though three of us were there. IMO Grant McCann is our best manager since SO'D. He has far exceeded the expectations I had at the start of the season.

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    I must agree with you silver he was not my choice at first but give the man his due he has got the place bussing i still get a bit frustrated at times but all in all like you said we’re playing the best football since SOD

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    Not sure if it is too late to let you know. It looks as if another match has been scheduled/rearranged for Tue 19 Feb

    Rochdale v AFC Wimbledon

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    Away first thing tomorrow but thanks Rochdale 2 Wimbledon 0 if any more come up put 0 0 cheers

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