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    Stolen elsewhere these are current players contracted to club and when their deals expire.

    May 2019 (12 players); Murdoch,
    Edjenguele, Toshney, Scobbie, King, McMullan, Gomis, Nesbitt, Safranko (end of loan), Seaman (end of loan), Laidlaw (end of loan) & Reynolds (end of loan)

    May 2020 (17 players); Siegrist, Booth, Frans, Bouhenna, Barton, Rabitsch, Loemba, Fyvie, Clark, Stanton, Robson, Butcher, Wardrop, Watson, M. Smith, Aird & Sow

    January 2021 (2 players); C. Smith & Harkes

    May 2021 (2 players); Pawlett & Connolly

    Of the players out of contract in summer who aren’t on loan, I suspect only Nesbitt will be offered a new deal. If Reynolds plays like he has in first 2 games for next couple of months I’d love him to stay and same goes for Safranko but heard his wage at parent club is way above what we’d pay even in Premiership so even if they let him go without a transfer fee we’d struggle.

    Think Harkes has real potential and wouldn’t be surprised to see his contract extended this summer to avoid him being available on pre-contract the following summer.

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    Barton, Rabitsch, Loemba - heart sank when I read those names! Maybe the Fun might want them as with Curran 🤞

    Safranko would be brilliant to keep. Could see him ending up at old firm tbh. Parent club don’t want him. With our money now maybe it’s possible

    Reynolds McMullan and Nesbitt you’d be thinking possible stayers from those running out in summer

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    May 2020 (17 players); Booth, Frans, Bouhenna, Barton, Rabitsch, Loemba, Stanton, Robson, Wardrop, Watson, M. Smith, Aird

    exactly why martin ****ed up letting the clown make these signings and stay on.

    expensive gettimg rid of them

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