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Thread: Spurs v Dortmund- great game to watch earlier tonight.

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    Spurs v Dortmund- great game to watch earlier tonight.

    Having watched this long awaited game I felt it was one of the best games iíd seen all season. Two teams eager to get the ball forward on the floor with some outstanding performances to go with it. In the end Spurs took their chances very well although I thought 2-0 would have been a fairer score line. Spurs will be favourites to go forward to the next round, but Dortmund are not top of the Bundesliga for nothing.
    One final thought , I canít be the only one on here that thinks Spurs Son is a special player- the modern day Stanley Matthews. Played brilliant all season, gets on with the game, has a great football brain and would love to see him wearing Claret and Blue.( not West Ham !!). I think he should be Player of the Year. Anyone think the same.?

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    He has it all Malwayne power pace touch and can score from anywhere.
    Seriously overlooked because of Kane, Spurs will have over achieved this year and most of that will be down to him.
    Just a super footballer

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    Bardsley will need to tank him early on...

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    Spurs played far better than they have done in recent league matches, where they've just been grinding out results without Kane and Alli. Maybe the CL is the priority now for them, and they'll not be too fired up by a mundane league match at Turf Moor. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm more worried about playing Newcastle than Spurs really.

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