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Thread: Daniel James new contract

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    Daniel James new contract

    Daniel James speaks out -

    ĒIíve got 18 months left on my contract so Iím just concentrating on playing. There are new contract talks under way and Iím enjoying my football here."

    When pressed on whether he'd like to re-sign with the Swans, he added -

    "Yes. I love every second of it here. Playing for this club has been amazing and the way the gaffer has brought me through has been fantastic."

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    Well nothings changed since this previous post. James’ agent is apparently asking for a 4mill release clause on any new contract, and that’s the stumbling block, what a joke that amount is.
    I reckon he’s worth 20 mill with all the recent interest from PL clubs, especially after his stand out performance against Man City in the FA Cup drew the attention of the big guns.
    We need to tie him down to a contract first though as the asking price then goes up. The clock is ticking and I think he’ll be on his way out this summer.

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