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Thread: 100 up for Robbo

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    100 up for Robbo

    Tomorrow will be Stephen Robinson's 100th game in charge of Motherwell - a significant milestone and one it didn't look like he would make a few months ago.

    For perspective, he'll be the 10th manager to reach the mark and - probably more significantly - only the third to coach us in 100 games this century.

    He'll move to tied ninth on the our all-time list by the end of this season and will be at least seventh - maybe even sixth, which would be hugely notable - should he see out his contract to 2020.

    He still has a massive summer coming up though!

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    He's earned a lot of leeway in my book. Here's to the next 100.

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    With our budget, I agree.

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    He got a lucky reprieve in January and would love to know what changed ?
    Was he instructed to change tactics or had an epiphany. Regardless had neither happened he’d have continued long ball tactic.
    Happy 100 but not fussed if stays another 100 and prefer to have Craigan top seat.

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    I like Robinson and really want him to succeed as manager of our club, but he got things badly wrong last summer and this season and undid alot of the good he did last season. He's fortunate to still be in the job after the Cup defeat to Ross County I don't think he or anyone could have complained had he gone that night, but since then he's changed his style of play and introduced younger players to much better effect. Needless to say, that he has one massive job on his hands this coming summer transfer window and if he gets it wrong again then the writing will be on the wall for him.

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    Being human every manager makes mistakes, sometimes big ones. However, Robinson's strength lies in his ability to recognise and acknowledge them and then attempt to rectify things.

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