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Thread: Tortoise Stamping on Sky Sports

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    Tortoise Stamping on Sky Sports

    Dundee versus Celtic.

    Dundee haven't beaten Celtic since 1988 and so it's fair to predict today's game will again be like watching an attack versus defence training session.

    The Scottish Premier League (sorry, the Sh*ttest Premier League) is a complete waste of time. I assume the only reason Sky or BT Sports still bother with it is because Celtic and Rangers' support bases guarantee them a certain number of viewers, but for anyone else wanting to watch a decent game of football this doesn't offer much.

    When Leicester appointed Brendan Rodgers recently, the media talk was about the "great job he did at Celtic". What great job? Winning the SPL for Celtic is like shelling peas. I'd even back Jamie Fullarton to lead them to 'glory'. The return of Rangers has offered a tiny bit more interest but even they struggle to offer a real threat given their financial limitations.

    Not every league has the money to offer a great standard of football, I accept that, but if that's not possible then at least take steps to make it even and competitive, like MLS does with their wage cap.

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    Another Celtic win btw, albeit they had to wait until the last minute. It was attack against defence as predicted though.

    The biggest risk to Celtic in the SPL is that their players might literally fall asleep on the pitch! It's a joke of a competition.

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