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Thread: George "Brain Dead" Ray

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    George "Brain Dead" Ray

    Has the guy got no sense whatsoever? Becoming an embarrassment to the club with his on field behaviour. The sooner he's gone the better.

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    At least the dick head is out of the Fail game. Gives us a decent chance then.

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    I don’t why people consider him as a footballer absolutely **** always has been always be **** absolutely useless, a long line of center half **** produced by Crewe Davies Guthrie etc Ray is an absolute useless piece of **** he should have been shown the door 2 years ago absolutely useless. Very angry as I can’t believe the club rating him enough to be captain, by the way Artell is also a wate of space.

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    Don't agree with most of what you said Wartman but definitely not captain material especially when we have Green, Nolan and Ng in the team. I think yesterday that he came back into the team with totally the wrong attitude. The message from the manager, by picking him was, you will get back into the team whatever and it showed in his game. Very lackadaisical attitude which I thought he was getting on top of.

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    I am with you, Me for Crewe. In the manager’s defence, Hunt is not a CB even though he’s filled in well in that position and he obviously thought Ray could handle Barnett better. It should also be pointed out that Ray was off the pitch when the smallest player on the pitch had a free header and Nicky made a Horlicks ofhis attempted lob back into the box to donate the third.

    The frustrating thing was that even when we were down to 10 men we still passed the ball around them and were the more creative side. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I’d have been tempted to leave Wintle at CB after Ray’s rush of blood, but agreed with Jones for Kirk to bolster the midfield. We could then have brought Miller and Dale on with 10-15 to go and stretched them - but that all fell apart after Waters’ goal.

    Opportunity wasted, but blame is the captain’s not the manager’s.

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    If Ray could cut the rash stupidity out of his game he could easily be a league 1 player. If he leaves this summer though I think hes most likely to end up being a backup centre half at another club and then dropping down and into league 2 football.

    Needs another season of guaranteed starts to mature mentally enough for a higher level.

    Some of the abuse on here is a bit odd though. Always gives a 100%. The only thing Id knock him for is not signing a contract after Artell and the club saved his career after stupidity and arguing almost sent him into non league.

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    I am not a fan of Ray but feel is has some talent as a center half that will suit another club. When he made the rash challenge at the beginning of the second half he was aware of the ref and that he was going to get a yellow card followed by a red. He then acted as if he had been badly injured by staying prone and this resulted in the trainer coming on and eventually the stretcher party. Even the ref was concerned he had a serious injury. When the stretcher arrives he gets up and starts to walk off. He has let his fellow team mates down by making the rash challenge . He has tried to deceive the ref over his injury. He has tried to convince his own medical team that he had a serious injury. Most of all he has lost the support of the fans, when I saw a few people standing and applauding him as he left the field , I shouted out and challenged them that he had tried to cheat everyone by his actions . Artell in his after match interview was fuming by his actions and I feel that Ray should not play again for the club as his actions were a disgrace .

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    It was a rather bizarre sequence of events and I wonder if his fooling around led the referee to only give him a second yellow rather than the straight red I thought he deserved. Credit to to Cheltenham player for getting up pretty fast and not milking it too.

    Can’t see him starting again, barring injury, but likely to be on the bench as we’re a bit short at the back - only 4 fit and available first teamers i think. A good time to recall Offord, Sass-Davies from loan as we haven’t got much to play for? If Ray really has burnt his boats with the manager we need to know if they’re good enough - although I reckon Artell is a bit more forgiving than some in the stands! As Jamesdad says he does have talent, and not just for recklessness.

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    It will be worth playing Sass-Davis or Offord as we have to start thinking about next season. We are likely to have the bare-bones of a defence available so some recruitment will be necessary.

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    George Ray is from a technical perspective a championship player. If you take snapshots from games over the last few years the guy is quality,
    From a mental perspective he is a conference player and that is the problem. He makes mistakes, and always will.

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    Agree with RabidDog. Ray has failed to resolve the mental issues that have obscured his definite ability as a player above League One level.

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