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Thread: Julian Assange.

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    Julian Assange.

    His Swedish adventure has all the hallmarks of a CIA honeytrap. Any bit of Amateur sleuthing would reveal that. Of course what doesn't make sense ..Why would the CIA set Assange up ?

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    Cant wait for the Pamela Anderson/Assange vid. Julien bustin her up sideways, all over the Ecuadorian embassy walls. Good lad. He looks done in. Pammy to blame. How the fck did pammo ever meet him tho?

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    Personally, I think he's a bit of an @rse.

    But I wouldn't want to see him deported to some third world banana republic for a public, political, show trial.

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    He’s an arrogant smelly @rsehole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mason89 View Post
    He’s an arrogant smelly @rsehole.
    I've never met him but I also get the impression he'd be a bit whiffy. I feel the same about Jeremy Corbyn.

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