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Thread: Scottish Cup Semi Final

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    Scottish Cup Semi Final

    So Aberdeen are getting another (as it stands) 3-0 pumping at Hampden in a Semi Final. As much as I dislike Celtic I'm happy to see that, as I don't want to see Aberdeen getting the chance to lift any silverware.

    That brings back memories of exactly one year ago today, when we pumped Aberdeen 3-0 in that Scottish Cup Semi Final with a Curtis Main double and Ryan Bowman getting the other. One of the best days I've ever had following Motherwell. We've not seen *that* Curtis Main since that day and arguably we've not seen that performance from Motherwell since that day - as awful as Aberdeen were - as we comfortably reached the Scottish Cup Final.

    Well, at least we can say we have still lifted that trophy more recently than Aberdeen have.

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    I thought that useless cnut Thomson retired at end of last season. Why is he still refereeing?

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    Can anyone help me with the answer to this, who was the last Celtic player ordered off by Craig Thomson and when was the last time he awarded a penalty against Celtic.

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    A glorious day indeed.

    Main has never hit the level of that game again but it's interesting about us. The 3-0 win over Aberdeen in November was actually very similar but the whole point of our (belated) moving on in style is we're not supposed to play like that any more. Which is broadly welcome.

    Results are everything and if we can repeat the outcomes of 2017/18 I'd have no complaints but it relies on a hell of a lot going your way and even then has no chance of actually winning something unless someone beats the good teams for you elsewhere. I don't think there's any question that while last season was brilliant in a way, it was/is just a stepping stone (at least given we unsurprisingly fell short in the finals).

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